Who We Are

LRM_EXPORT_7584280670178_20181102_154242166April is the love child of Caffeine and Curse words, she can’t go without one or the other for long. Basically, never. She has two spawn of her own, suffers from ending aversion and reading too many books at the same time (no, seriously). Notorious mood reader, and has zero chill when she latches onto a new fandom- both of which can be partially attributed to her ADHD. April is a fierce advocate for mental health, and has lived a long time with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety (recently, and finally, being diagnosed with Adult ADHD). She identifies primarily as a dysfunctional yet totally fucking rad human.

She thrives on Doctor Who, carbohydrates, fabulously forbidden, deliciously dark and twisted as fuck romance, as well as poetry and impulse buying things she absolutely does not need – like, ooo a subscription to succulents (yes, this happened)! An avid supporter of independent authors, small businesses and anyone who lives their best life by doing what they love. Foreign films, anime, and Netflix documentaries is what will lure her away from books, maybe.

With a Witch’s heart, a writer’s soul and a mind that never quiets, April is just learning to recognize and accept her worth and is always more than willing to remind you of your own.

Connect with April:
Email: drinksteareadsbooks@gmail.com
Instagram @drinksteareadsbooks


Rachel is, heart and soul, a winter witch. Exactly halfway between a vintage queen and a badass bitch, she usually lands herself squarely in cozy sweater territory. She drinks approximately 8 cups of tea a day, thinks that it’s perfectly reasonable to dress for the weather you want instead of the weather you have, and will let you take her home with you if you buy her books. She identifies happily as a total nerd and if you talk to her about anything having to do with Russian folklore, you’ll never get rid of her again. If you cannot find her among her books and mugs of tea, she is probably practicing magic in a snowbound forest somewhere far away from any other humans.

Currently on leave from being a professional ballet dancer (torn tendons are fun), she spends the rest of her time watching Hilda, Harry Potter, and Song of the Sea with her 2-year-old son, gigantic black cat (obviously her familiar), and German Shepherd.

Her top three favorite books of all time are The Bear and the Nightingale, The Great Alone, and Jane Eyre, with an honorable mention to the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. But she also possesses a growing collection of thrillers and romance novels, and even reads the occasional sci-fi book.

She is constantly on the hunt for the next form of self-love, healing, and connection with other people. This blog of tea, witchiness, books, and any other beautiful randomness that comes to mind, seems to be just the thing.

Connect with Rachel
Email: rachelhultquist@mac.com
Instagram: @bookishwinterwitch

BeeBethany is a 5’6’’ brunette book dragon who has been described as adorable but finds herself ferociously terrifying. She has trouble deciding which of the seasons are her favorite because she loves change, even though it scares her. She drinks coffee for energy but tea to be cozy. If she could live anywhere in the world it would be Prythian (or the World Cup gym).

She is obsessed with all things fae & faerie, sexuality, and the ways that people make love look magical — and well written, (occasionally dark), competitive sexy times. Particularly ones where the sexual tension drags on forever.

Bethany’s current favorites are anything by Queen Maas (but PARTICULARLY Prythian), Corr from the Scorpio Races, anything new, Dorian Gray, Earl Gray Lattes, her night fury in the shape of a cat, the entire high fantasy genre, fantasy in general, and anything that April gives her to read.

Connect with Bethany
Instagram: @beesbookery
Goodreads: Bethany